Meet the Wild Cows

Screen Shot 2013-11-16 at 12.46.13 AMWhen the Wild Cow family (Sarah WILDer and Ryan COWan) were expecting their second child, Sarah found she had a problem.  The new baby growing inside was demanding that he be given ice cream, but when Sarah looked at the ingredients of the ice creams in the grocery store, she found there were very few flavors to choose.  Many of the ice creams had thickeners such as carrageenan, guar gum, and carob bean gum, emulsifiers such as polysorbate 80, and artificial colors like red #40, blue lake #1, and the infamous yellow #5.  All of these additives came with a host of problems from leaving an icky coating in your mouth when you’re done eating, to potentially causing cancer and ADHD.

Sarah decided the solution was to make her own ice cream.  Soon she began experimenting with a countertop ice cream machine and found that ice cream was incredibly fun to make as well as delicious.  Soon her excitement for new flavors and experimentation became contagious and Ryan was on board with starting a seasonal ice cream stand.  July 2013 saw the Wild Cows opening their stand on the Bangor Waterfront.  Very quickly their all-natural, simple ingredients with big flavor gained a following of people who were tired of having to choose between chemical filled ice cream or no ice cream at all.

In July 2016 they opened a scoop shop at 31B Front Street in Belfast, Maine, the town where they met decades ago while attending Belfast Area High School.